Corral Night Ride

Clear your calendars for Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 (rescheduled from the 15th)


The Corral Night Ride is a fabled gathering of hearty souls that stage a night ride with Halloween revelry each year. Riders dressed as ghouls, disco freaks, and other random weirdness are all ready to ride mountain bikes in the dark, how cool is that? There is much myth around the history of the event, but it all started pre-TAMBA as a silly celebration for Amy Fish’s birthday – a few fun years and some bumpy years as TAMBA reorganized and now the event is something not to be missed. Again in 2016 the ride will be a “poker ride” – meaning there will be healthy competition on who can make the best poker hand after receiving cards at each of the stops along the ride. We’re even thinking of throwing in a bonus segment up to Armstrong Connector for extra cards. Jokers wild. Join us and all your closest silly mountain bike friends… it’s the best night of the year – if you like ride like a kid in the dark in costume! Saturday October 15, 2016– meet at the Corral parking area at 5:30pm. $25 donation for Tahoe’s trails, includes a BBQ, rest stop snacks and unlimited fun. Expect to start riding around 6pm and party until who knows when! All Ages! We also need volunteers to help out – please email: info @ 21862439753_89030cb172_o-222483618475_92bbd79bdd_k 22457628146_fbe721c936_h