5th Annual Rose to Toads

5th Annual Rose to Toads Showcase – Sunday September 6, 2015. 6am to Dark

Proudly brought to you by TAMBA in partnership with US Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.
Sponsored by Barton Health, Over the Edge Bike Shop, Flume Trail Bikes, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, and Tahoe Trail Bar 

A Forest Service Special Use Permit has been issued for this ride! This will be the first ever legally permitted Rose to Toad’s event which means this is more than just a group ride. Registration is open now with a limited number of spots.


Rose to Toads (without shuttle) Registration

Rose to Toads (with evening shuttle) Registration


Over 60 miles in length with 8,000 feet of climbing and 10,000 feet of descent, this is the most amazing mountain bike ride. What started off as a hair-brained idea with a few friends many years ago, pre-TAMBA rebirth, is now one of our signature events attracting crazy people from all around the country.

It takes most people all day to complete the ride while showcasing some of the best trails linking Tahoe’s North Shore from Mount Rose down to Lake Tahoe’s South Shore ending on the famous Mr. Toads Wild Ride. It’s not a race but the ride can be as intense as you want it to be, join us and be part of something awesome!

Time left to train:

DISCLAIMER: This ride is self supported, there is no sweep or sag, be prepared for anything. 

We have 2 rest stops lined up.  The fantastic folks at the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship will be at Spooner Summit to great you with snacks and their shenanigans.  At the top of Kingsbury Grade (next to Fox and the Hound) Over the Edge Bike Shop will be there to feed you and check in on those bikes.  A big thank you to Tahoe Trail Bar for donating trail bars to this TAMBA event (and past events).

Last year Mike from Jet Lites hosted the Spooner rest stop, and Curtis from Bike the West hosted the Kingsbury rest stop. If you would like to help sponsor the event or aid stations please let us know!

Start of 2013 Rose to Toads with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground.


RIDE RECAPS, click below:

2011 by Ben Fish (the inaugural ride), includes gps route for download.

2012 ride report by Amy Fish

2013 (year of fire and snow) ride report by Jeff Glass

2014 Ride report


Frequently Asked Questions

What bike should I ride?
The ideal bike has gears, weighs around 30lbs or less, and has between 4” to 6” of suspension front and rear.

How long does it take to ride from Mount Rose to Mr. Toads?
Fast times are about 8-9 hours, average times are around 10-11 hours, and some people finish in the dark.

Do we ride together as a group the entire time?
No, the ride gets spread out pretty fast and not everyone starts at the same time either. You’ll probably leap frog with people and find a comfortable pace with a few other riders who want to be social.

Do I have to ride all the way to Toads?
Of course not, this is a fun ride and there are many options to ride back down to lake level sooner than Toads.

What do you mean by a self-supported ride?
There is no one out there that will save you if your bike explodes or you get hurt, there is no sweep or sag to pick you up. Please carry everything you need to fix mechanicals, extra food and water.

I heard there are rest stops, where are they and what’s at them?
We have two rest stops along the first half of the ride, the first will be at Spooner Summit on the west side of Highway 50 in the Rim Trail parking lot, the other will be just past Kingsbury Grade near the Tramway Market / Fox and Hound. We’ll have a variety of sweet and salty snacks along with drinks. There will not be any more rest stops and only  limited access to mountain water (a lake and a few streams) after you get back on the Rim Trail at the Heavenly Stagecoach Lodge.

What should I pack?
Here’s a link to photos of a few pack contents from past years. Be prepared!  Also, there is very limited phone service along the route. Bring a print map if you don’t know the route and ride along with others.

Do you have a map of the ride and gps track?
Yes click here to download a pdf map, click here for a gps track.

How well marked is the route?
There is standard trail signage but there will not be any signs specific to this ride. That said there are a few variations on the ride, so know where you’re going. Ultimately if you stay on the Tahoe Rim Trail heading south you will get to Toads… eventually!

Why does TAMBA put on this ride? Wouldn’t this be the most awesome Enduro race ever?
We put this ride on every year as a member benefit and to showcase the amazing riding in Tahoe. Please be courteous to all other trail users, this is not a race! Tell them what you are doing and how badass it is. We do not have the appropriate permits to make this a race so it is a free member ride with a cheap shuttle offered at discount. Have fun, we want to create lasting experiences.

Where to Stay 
Hotels/Motels : Check here for a list of hotels.
We recommend the following hotels:
Inn By the Lake
Cedar Pines Resort
Motel 6 (dog friendly)
Tahoe Seasons Resort
Camping: There are many campgrounds in the area; however camping is very popular in the summer months, so make sure to reserve your spot well ahead of time.
Check out the Forest Service’s list of campgrounds in Tahoe
Luther Pass Overflow Camping (Free!!)
City of South Lake Tahoe Campground
Fallen Leaf Lake Campground
Camp Richardson Campground