Tahoe Trail Conditions – Updated November 19, 2015

November 19, 3015 – Winter is here and the trails are snowed in top to bottom right now. The Bijou Bike Park is closed and will remained closed through the winter. Some lower trails maybe melt off, but please remember to the respect the trails – if you’r tires are sinking and leaving ruts, it’s not time to ride yet. Thanks and enjoy winter! 

Trail work on Corral during a sunny Saturday, May 2nd

Trail work on Corral during a sunny Saturday this summer.

South Lake:

  • Tahoe Mountain has been clear for about 24 months straight now.
  • Powerlines is clear
  • Cold Creek is clear
  • Star Lake Trail is clear
  • Monument Pass Trail is good to go.
  • Van Sickle Trail is totally open
  • Cedar, Sidewinder, Corral and Armstrong Connector are all good to go. (Trail day was on Corral May 2) More to come in Late June!
  • The Tahoe Rim Trail is clear between Spooner and Kingsbury (The Bench) Huge thanks to the TRTA sawyers for clearing some massive trees off the trail recently.
  • Christmas Valley Trail is clear as a loop through the Rim Trail including Scotts Lake, Dardanelles Lake, and Round Lake connectors.
  • Mr. Toads is ripping ad all clear! Ride from either direction (Armstrong Pass or Luther/Big Meadow)
  • Armstrong is clear.
  • Hawley Grade is clear with a raging waterfall.

Incline Village and Spooner:

  • Flume Trail is clear. NOTE – there is construction and you cannot ride from Spooner to Marlette Lake via North Canyon road Monday – Thursday from 7am to 5:30pm, more info here: North Canyon Closure
  • Rim Trail above the Flume is good to go
  • Tyrolean is clear. (Trail Day was on May 25th)

Truckee Area:

  • Emigrant Trail – fully open and riding well
  • Sawtooth Trail – fully open
  • Lloyd’s Trail – fully open
  • Sawtooth Ridge is all clear
  • In general, all trails at the Truckee elevation area are fully open. Trails up higher, above 8,000 feet, have patches of snow on the north side.
  • Hole in the Ground, open.

Tahoe City Area:

  • Tahoe XC Center – all trails are open. There are wet spots remaining, however, in well shaded zones that can be damaged.
  • Tahoe Rim Trail – open.
  • Stanford Rock, open

Reno has been open year round, check out the trails at Peavine. MAP HERE Genoa and Carson Valley have some fun new trails, Clear Creek has been super popular over the winter and spring, plus the new trails directly out of Genoa are good. MAPS HERE  

Armstrong Connector Trail, March 14, 2015

Armstrong Connector Trail, March 14, 2015

Also, if you are looking to meetup with other riders for some Tahoe mountain biking adventures, then join our new group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RideTahoe/ If you have additional trail condition info to contribute, please email to: info @ mountainbiketahoe.org Also, Here’s some more riding options nearby : * Genoa, NV – There’s about 12 miles of newly built single along with a new connector trail up to the Rim Trail near the Bench.  Only a 25 min drive away from South Lake Tahoe.  For a map check out the Carson Valley Trails Association, this volunteer group has done an amazing job getting these trails built, support them! MAP HERE *Reno, NV – Plenty to ride out by Peavine and at the base of Mount Rose (Whites Creek and Thomas Creek). *Pinenuts, NV – On the east side of the Carson Valley, there’s a ton of trails for dirt bikes, mtn bikes, and horses, get some gps tracks first or you might get lost.  It gets hot and dusty out here in the summer, but time it right in the winter, spring or fall and the riding is really fun. *Auburn, CA – Perennial Favorite for winter riding, about 2 hours’ drive from Tahoe. *Sly Park, CA – Just off highway 50 near Placerville, there’s some good loops out here.  Only about an hour from South Lake Tahoe *Downieville, CA – A true classic.  More info on the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship page.