Winter Trail Conditions

It’s depressing to post this in the middle of winter, heck we should be buried up to our ears in snow right now but the sad truth is we haven’t put the bikes away and it’s fun to get out for a little ride after cruising groomers at the local ski resort… just don’t expect summer conditions on the trails – mud, snow, ice and downed trees make the conditions here less than ideal on most trails.

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Van Sickle - Super Bowl weekend

Van Sickle – Super Bowl weekend

OK, so where to ride???

  • Tahoe Mountain in South Lake Tahoe is a wintertime favorite.
  • Powerlines and Lower Cold Creek are OK right now, with a few trees down closer to Ski Run. Snow and ice covers upper Cold Creek, Star Lake is socked in.
  • Lower Van Sickle Trail is fun with some snow and ice above the waterfall.
  • Cedar and Sidewinder are good to go with some ice patches.
  • Flume Trail is snowy and icy, but with a little effort you can be riding up there in the winter! (Best to go up from Tunnel Creek)
  • Reno has all time conditions, check out the trails at Peavine. MAP HERE
  • Genoa and Carson Valley have some fun new trails, Clear Creek has been super popular (and busy). MAPS HERE
Carson Valley's Clear Creek Trail

Carson Valley’s Clear Creek Trail

TRAIL CONDITIONS PAGE will be updated as needed… and remember if you don’t see a trail here listed we either don’t know the status or it’s no good. So save the questions about what it’s like on Toads or Hole In the Ground!

Crunchy conditions in January



2014 Trail Work Summary

The numbers are in for recorded TAMBA volunteer hours under our Volunteer Services Agreements with the US Forest Service and Lake Tahoe Nevada State Parks in 2014.
This inclues trail work on Corral, Sidewinder, Armstrong Connector, Toads, Tahoe Mountain System, Tyrolean, Thomas Creek, Whites Creek, Tahoe City TRT Connector, Sunflower Hill, Flume Trail, Marlette Creek, and the new Snapdragon (Tunnel Creek east) trail.

These numbers are for trail work only, does not include planning, flagging, design, or admin time.  Impressive job, thanks to everyone who contributed this year!

86 trail days

363 people

3,905 hours

Year End Party

Join us on Wednesday November 12, 6pm at the American Legion to celebrate a brilliant year of mountain biking in Tahoe!


Fall Rides

We have two free fun rides planned for this fall, come out and join us!

Saturday October 18 is the Corral Night Ride – An evening where hearty souls stage a night ride with Halloween revelry.  Riders dressed as ghouls, disco freaks, and other random weirdness are all ready to ride mountain bikes in the dark, how cool is that? You’ve got to be here to experience it.  Meet at the Corral parking area at 5:30pm.
On Sunday October 12 we’re teaming up with the USFS to host a grand opening celebration on the NEW Monument Pass Trail above Cold Creek and High Meadow. Some of the trail building crew will be there along with the head honchos at the Forest Service, this is your chance to get out for a big ride and personally thank the people responsible for getting this new trail built (along with Star Lake and the rebuild of Cold Creek).  Meet at 9am at Bijou Park, we’ll ride from there on a big “lollipop” loop and then end with a BBQ back at the park.


Advocacy for Bike Parks!

Two new bike parks in Tahoe will potentially be under construction next year with your help.  Heavenly Bike Park and Bijou Bike Park

The Heavenly Bike Park is part of the Epic Discovery Project. This project proposes new summer activities at Heavenly including a lift service mountain bike park and new connector trails to the Rim Trail and Van Sickle.

Thursday Sept. 18, informational open house at the USFS LTBMU Forest Supervisor’s Office, 35 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, 6pm to 8pm – PLEASE SHOW UP TO THIS!

Wednesday Sept. 24: TRPA Governing Board (begins at 9:30am)

Oct. 27: All public comments due.

The draft EIR/EIS is complete and out for review right now. More information about the Heavenly Epic Discovery Project and a copy of the Draft EIR/EIS can be found here.

We need you to send in comments supporting the document before October 27. Key talking points in your letter can include:

  • It will create a significant number of additional year-round jobs.
  • Proposed in an existing developed recreational site that is in the core of the existing mountain.
  • The USFS should include mountain bike events in the NEPA process for approval.
  • Additional connector trails will improve the recreation experience and provide better connections.
  • More people will access the National Forest through the gondola, hiking and biking, connecting the highest bedbase in Tahoe to the mountains better.
  • High quality recreational experiences in the Forest breeds additional stewardship for the outdoors.
  • The design includes a number of resource protection measures that will reduced or avoid negative environmental effects.
  • Heavenly has a proven track record of providing high quality recreation and environmental protection.
Heavenly Bike Trail Mapping

Heavenly Bike Trail Mapping

Second project is the Bijou Bike Park. Recently the City of South Lake Tahoe allocated 100,000 in funding toward the bike park, however we still need public support for the project to keep it as a top priority.

Please take a minute to fill out this 4 question survey to support the Bijou Bike Park.

There is also a public meeting at the Rec Center to review the Parks and Rec Master Plan. More info here.